3 December 2017 XL
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is known all over the world, but lately we have been seeking to increase local awareness, to enhance our nation's image in Nevada, the US state that surrounds us. In early December His Excellency, The President decided to enhance our local awareness here in Dayton Valley, the valley in which Molossia lies. First scheduled was a meet and greet at the local coffee shop, Blaqk Coffee, located in downtown Dayton. For over an hour The President and First Lady met and chatted with local Nevadans and fans of Molossia, including our loyal fan and ally, Jerry Jessop. While our meet and greet was somewhat otherwise sparsely attended, it was a good first foray in increasing our local visibility and more such meet and greets are planned. The day following the meet and greet, His Excellency, The First Lady and the Chief Constable visited the annual Dayton Small Town Christmas, a tree-lighting and holiday event also held in downtown Dayton, in the town park. The President donated canned goods to the needy, visited Santa and said a few words of holiday greeting onstage before a festive and appreciative crowd. In all, both events were excellent opportunities to spread awareness of our nation as well as being great fun!

Posing with Santa

Looking Festive

Passing Out
Candy Canes

At the Coffee Shop

Commemorative Photo

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