3 October 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

First Coin Issued by the Bank of Molossia.

The new One Valora Coin is the first coin created by the Bank of Molossia. Its face shows the shield from the Arms of Molossia, with our National Animal, the Wild Horse. The reverse is the National Colors and a wreath, surrounding the coin value. The symbols around the edge represent not only Molossia's location within the well-known gambling state of Nevada, but also represent Enterprise (Clubs), Strength (Spades), Prosperity (Diamonds) and Happiness (Hearts).

We are quite proud of this first coinage created by our Government. Hopefully it will become yet another symbol of our nation's progress and prosperity.

The Bank of Molossia can be found here.

Disaster Strikes Molossia?

Wreckage litters the Molossian landscape. Piles of shattered wood, chunks of broken concrete, wire and other debris lie in piles amidst the sagebrush. What has happened here? An earthquake? A hurricane? A tornado? No, nothing so catastrophic. In fact this rubble is the remains of the fence that once circled Norton Park. It has been torn up as part of a massive landscape project to revitalize the area behind Government House. In addition to a new fence, which will be installed next month, a new outbuilding has been added and much detritis has been disposed of. This coming spring, Norton Park will be blessed with new trees and grass, making this oasis in Molossia truly a place to enjoy.

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