21 August 2017 XL
Eclipse Over Molossia

On 21 August 2017 XL the Republic of Molossia experienced a near-total solar eclipse. Beginning at about 9:40 AM MST the moon began its slow creep across the sun, eventually blocking about 85% of the solar disc at the height of the eclipse at 11:00 AM MST. Molossia is about 330 Imperial Nortons south of the path of complete totality, which ran north of our nation through Oregon, Idaho and parts further east. Nevertheless, the eclipse was still an awesome experience here in our nation, as temperatures cooled and shadows on the ground blurred. The President and First Lady enjoyed the spectacle from Norton Park, wearing special glasses and snapping pictures through a filtered camera. The experience rivals the annular eclipse of 2012 XXXV, both amazing experiences in our amazing world.

Eclipse Begins

At the Height of
the Eclipse

The Sun Returns

The President and
First Lady Watching
Visitors and Media

After a quiet few weeks without visitors, Molossia welcomed a rather large and diverse group to our nation on Saturday, 19 August 2017 XL. Beginning with the arrival of a film team from Germany's Galileo Television at 10:10 AM MST, the group shortly thereafter swelled to 14 with visitors from as far away as China and as close as nearby Dayton, Nevada. In addition to escorting the group throughout Molossia, showing off all the sights and telling all the stories about our nation, The President gave an interview each to Noah the podcaster, Trent the YouTuber and Johannes and Peter from Galileo. It was a busy day indeed and in spite of the heat everyone had a wonderful time visiting our great nation.

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