17 April 2017 XL
Khamsin Molossia News

In late January 2017 XL His Excellency, The President announced the building of Molossia's Friendship Gateway. This Gateway is dedicated to inclusiveness and openness - a hole in the wall, so to speak. We invited Molossia's friends and allies to contribute to the Gateway and help us build it, one or more bricks at a time. Thanks in large part to their support the Friendship Gateway is today a reality. After nearly two months of assembling materials and a weekend of frenzied construction, Molossia's Friendship Gateway has risen over the entrance to Red Square. There is still more that needs to be done - more bricks are needed - but today the Gateway stands as Molossia's simple monument to peace, amity and understanding among all peoples.

Help us finish the Friendship Gateway, here!

Partially complete, but more bricks are needed!

The Gateway Under Construction.

The Gateway Rises!

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