12 March 2017 XL
Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia is generally a well-behaved nation, but there are times when certain citizens feel the need to misbehave. When such times arise our loving government works to rehabilitate and reeducate these misbegotten souls. In the kindest way possible off they go to the Merry Molossia Re-education and Rehabilitation Facility - otherwise known as the Molossia Salt Mine. There in the happy bowels of the earth, amid such lovely sights as boiling water suddenly bursting forth from the walls, occasional challenges such as bad air and cave-ins, and motivational moments such as 20 hour work days and minimal food, our detainees learn to better themselves. All this while altruistically producing tons of quality salt to be sold for profit with no benefit to themselves. It is hoped that with this gentle rehabilitation process our wayward citizens will see the error of their ways and seamlessly rejoin society. In the very rare instance that our corrective process fails, our government is more than happy than to send the recalcitrant individual on a mysterious all-expense paid vacation from which they are never seen again. But these are isolated circumstances indeed, as laboring in the mine has a strange way of bringing even the most difficult miscreant back into line and into society, ready to be a productive - and pacified - citizen again.

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Molossia's Salt Mine

Happy Salt Miner!

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