26 February 2017 XL
Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia sits at the foot of a range of mountains, dubbed by us as "The Molossian Alps". These heights are riven by many canyons, leading through the foothills far up into the mountain range. One such canyon has intrigued us for some while and it was recently decided that it should be a destination for our long dormant Molossian Geographical Society. Thus on a cool February morning our intrepid explorers set out on their voyage of discovery. The wide, sandy canyon mouth quickly narrowed upon ascent, and the dry valley floor suddenly showed signs of water where none had been before. This creek, rising high in the mountains, faded into the desert sand at the mouth of the canyon. But just a short distance from this sink there was much water. Wild horses gather here for a drink, observed by our team. As the explorers traveled upstream, the volume of water increased dramatically, becoming a steady creek. Shortly the adventurers reached the first of what would prove to be several waterfalls. Normally dry, this year's heavy precipitation has filled the desert aquifer, letting the water flow forth. As the team travelled further up the canyon, they scrambled over rocks and forded the creek numerous times. Eventually they traversed 11 waterfalls in all, ranging from three Nortons to over 17 Nortons in height. Eventually the explorers reached their original goal, a tiny forest visible on Google Maps. Barren of foliage at this time of year, the wood nevertheless showed ample signs of wildlife. Their goal reached, the team travelled overland to return to Molossia, pausing on Red Hill above our nation to show the flag. Their mission complete, the adventurers dubbed the unnamed canyon "Falling Water" in recognition of the many cascades delivering water to our thirsty desert.

Waterfall 1

Waterfall 2,
The Tallest One

Waterfall 3

Waterfall 4

Waterfall 5

Waterfall 5

Waterfall 6

Waterfall 7

Waterfall 8

Waterfall 9

Waterfall 10

Waterfall 11

In The Forest,
The Goal Of
The Expedition

Molossia's Flag
Atop Red Hill

Looking Down On
Molossia From Above

The Mouth Of The Canyon

The Chief Constable Surveying Wild Horses

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