17 October 2016 XXXIX

Basketball Championships

The children of Molossia are routinely exported to the United States, attending school in nearby Virginia City, Nevada. Part of their activities includes sports, and the signature sport of Virginia City is basketball. It is played by nearly every grade, and the schools are renowned for their basketball prowess. On Saturday, 15 October, Virginia City's girl's middle school basketball team, including our own Chief Constable, Alexis Baugh, squared off in the annual Sagebrush League basketball championships. The day was one of hard-fought battles on the court. In the end Virginia City bested rivals Smith Valley and Coleville, but ultimately lost to arch-rival Hawthorne 24-27. The game was a nail-biter, with both teams struggling mightily. In spite of our team's loss, we are of course very proud of them and look forward a future victory next year, when again the Lady Comstockers take to the court!

Basketball Action!
Endless Rain

For four and a half months our desert has been dry, with hardly a drop of water falling from the heavens. That all changed suddenly on Friday, 14 October when the normally still skies exploded with winds, the precursor to virtually every storm in our part of the world. After a blustery day, the rain came, the first storm of the Autumn season. Raining all Friday night, after a brief respite Saturday morning the rain began again, and this time stuck for nearly a day. The seemingly endless downpour finally eased Sunday evening and Monday morning shown bright and clear - and dry. Our area is not known for it's precipitation, and it has been especially dry over the past few years. As gloomy as it was over the weekend, we always need the rain!

Waterlogged Molossia

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