7 August 2016 XXXIX
Khamsin Molossia News

On 7 August 2016 XXXIX, the Molossian Navy deployed to nearby Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierras about 80 Imperial Nortons (80 km/50 mi) from the Molossian Home Territory. The target of the Navy's explorations was Bonsai Rock, a partially submerged glacial boulder with four small pine trees growing out of it, resembling a Japanese bonsai tree. Home base for this voyage was Sand Harbor on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, scene of several of our Navy's missions. At 11:39 MST the Navy set sail from Sand Harbor, paddling forth to the distant rock. The voyage took 40 minutes, skirting the shoreline of Lake Tahoe, avoiding submerged boulders and battling occasional waves. At long last the Navy arrived in the vicinity of Bonsai Rock, an area heavily populated with giant boulders, shallow lagoons and mysterious grottos. After circumnavigating Bonsai Rock itself, the fleet anchored in a quiet cove while the sailors set out to explore the area. Part of this survey included deploying the Seahorse 2 submarine to explore the otherwise unreachable watery depths amid the rocks. This survey was very successful, the first time our submarine has spotted fish, normally shy in its presence. Reboarding their vessels, the valiant sailors then set a course back to Sand Harbor, and after a respite there, returned to Molossia. Thus ended another successful voyage for the mighty Molossian Navy!

Grey Whale Skeleton

Glass Beach

Former Glass Bottles

Molossia's Flag
at Jack Peters Gulch

Patrick's Point Beach

McKerricher Beach

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