13 June 2016 XXXIX
Khamsin Molossia News

On 11 June 2016 XXXIX a major gathering of Molossians took place in our fair nation. The occasion was the graduation of Molossia's Bryce Cardoza from high school, which he attended over the border in the US. This was his final year and his commencement ceremony took place on a warm Saturday morning in nearby Virginia City, Nevada. In honor of this milestone, Molossians arrived from all over the US. Most Molossians, as the reader knows, do not physically live in our nation, but instead reside as expatriates elsewhere. Thus members of our Molossian family traveled from nearby Dayton, Carson City and Reno, Nevada, as well as distant Boulder, Colorado, and western North Carolina. This was one of the largest musters of our scattered citizens in many years, and it was an amazing event. It is wonderful to see much of our great Molossian family in one place and we hope and anticipate to see them all again, the sooner the better.

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