17 February 2016 XXXIX
Khamsin Molossia News

This past week has seen a sudden outbreak of Influenza Type A here in the Republic. Thus far four out of the seven resident citizens of our nation have been stricken, including Our President, First Lady, Chief Constable, and our youngest citizen, Bradley. The flu brings with it the usual symptoms of fatigue, aches, coughing and fever. The President was especially hard hit, ending up with pleurisy in his lungs as well. Most cases have necessitated a visit to the doctor, over the border in the US. The epidemic began on Wednesday, 10 February, with the most recent case developing on 17 February. Slowly our stricken citizens are recovering, but the Molossian Ministry of Health remains vigilant for new cases, and pledges to do all it can to get and keep Molossians healthy again.

His Excellency The President Being Treated

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