9 February 2016 XXXIX

Hike To The Waterfall

The Republic of Molossia has a couple of National Parks that actually lie outside our nation, over the border in the United States. One of these is Heliotrope Falls, centered around the eponymous waterfall, located in the hills about two Imperial Nortons (2 KM) north of Molossia. The falls are rather small and very seasonal, being active only during the early months of the year, during spring runoff. On 6 February 2016 XXXIX a contingent of Molossians set out to visit the Falls, an event that only happens every few years due to its remoteness. An hour hike brought our explorers to the narrow canyon in which the Falls lie. A brief, unsuccessful search was then undertaken to find a small marker planted there years ago by our government. Following this, the team headed north to explore the creek that feeds the Falls. This was largely unexplored terrain, and for the next hour the adventurers followed the stream as it wound through the steep canyon. Scrambling over boulders, forging through the underbrush and blazing trails up hillsides, the team chased the creek further and further up the mountain until waning light finally forced an end to the expedition. Returning reluctantly to Molossia, the explorers vowed to complete the mission soon and find the beginning of the stream that feeds our waterfall.

Heliotrope Falls

Further Up The Canyon
Two Holidays

Molossia is a nation that enjoys its holidays and this year we celebrated two back-to-back. The first was Chinese (or Lunar) New Year, on Monday, 8 February. This holiday marks the symbolic beginning to our year and is celebrated with Chinese food and the annual New Year's speech by His Excellency, The President. On the heels of that came Mardi Gras, on Tuesday, 9 February. This holiday was celebrated with muffaletta sandwiches - a Molossian favorite - and King Cake, a New Orleans specialty newly adopted here in Molossia. This small feast was followed by mild revelry, something Molossians also enjoy, and a fine time was had by all.

Happy New Year!

Muffaletta and King Cake

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