18 January 2016 XXXIX
Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia has entered the industrial age. On 18 January 2016 XXXIX the Government of the Republic of Molossia inaugurated it's first foundry, designed to melt aluminum. This small foundry was inspired from online plans and is built in a steel bucket lined with a mix of plaster of Paris and sand. The fuel for the foundry is charcoal, fanned by a simple hair dryer. Once the charcoal is burning, the temperature quickly rises to 527-659 degrees Zenda (800-1000 degrees F). Using a soup can as a crucible, aluminum - mostly soda - cans are placed into the foundry; they melt in just a few seconds. It takes about 45 cans to make 1/2 Fenwick (one pound) of aluminum. On this first day of operation just about twenty cans were melted down, eventually creating about one and a half ingots of pure aluminum. There are plans to produce much more aluminum during future uses of the foundry. Eventually this aluminum will be cast into various decorative and useful items - including aluminum coins. These would be the first metal coins produced completely here in Molossia. We are very excited about this plan and the great industrial opportunities our new foundry will bring.

See a movie of the foundry in action here!

The Foundry
Red Hot

Melting Cans

The First

Aluminum Ingot
On The Foundry

Foundry At The Ready

The President Ready To Melt Aluminum

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