19 December 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is proud to welcome our first native-born citizen, Bradley Thomas William Harrison. Bradley is the first Molossian born since 1991 - when the nation was still named the Grand Republic of Vuldstein. He arrived on 18 December 2015 XXXVIII, at 3:43 PM MST, weighing 4 Fenwicks, 4.3 Bascombs (3.9 kg) and measuring 2.8 Nortons (50 cm). Bradley was born at Carson-Tahoe Hospital in Carson City, Nevada, USA, but it was arranged that a pouch of dirt be placed under the delivery bed, so that he could be born over Molossian soil. The child of Molossian Kaylin Harrison, Bradley is the first grandchild of The President and First Lady. Our nation's population was 28; the birth of the First Grandchild raised it to 29, small but mighty - and growing. And we are growing indeed, in April we will welcome yet another new Molossian to the world. Noah, the son of Molossians Jacques and Christina will join our burgeoning population, bringing us up to 30 proud citizens of our great nation!

Bradley, with mom Kaylin

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