21 November 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is making changes in some of our far-flung claims. We are saying farewell to our Venus territory and relocating our Pacific Ocean territory to the far side of the world.

The Vesperia Territorial Administration was originally conceived and created over ten years ago after the USGS was kind enough to name a crater on Venus after the former First Lady, Lisa Baugh. A large area around Lisa Crater was then claimed for Molossia, named Vesperia. Following the departure of the former First Lady, the raison d'ętre for the crater name and the Vesperia claim ceased to exist. An effort was made to align a different crater name for First Lady Adrianne Baugh but this connection was tenuous and indeed the very idea of an extraterrestrial claim was deemed spurious. Thus it has been decided to abandon the Vesperia Territorial Administration and say goodbye to our claim on the evening star.

In related news, it has been decided that Neptune Deep, our distant claim in the Pacific Ocean, will be moved. Previously Neptune Deep lay at about 1860 Imperial Nortons (1860 km / 1155 mi) southwest of Mexico, far out in the Pacific Ocean. Of course this claim was never meant to be colonized nor did our government ever even expect to travel there. Recently it was decided to move that claim to a spot more related to Molossia – our antipodes. An antipodes is a spot directly opposite another on the globe. Most locations in North America have an antipodes in the Indian Ocean and Molossia is no exception. Our antipodes is Latitude S 39° 19' 22.0679", Longitude E 60° 27' 37.2189", about 1900 Imperial Nortons (1900 KM) southeast of Madagascar and 1400 IN northwest of the Kerguelen Islands. We now claim 2054 Square Royal Nortons (.50 ha / 1.3 ac) there, exactly corresponding to the Molossian Home Territory. It will still be named Neptune Deep and just as the previous claim, it will continue to serve as a marine sanctuary and reserve. There is more information located on our Neptune Deep webpage here.

We salute these territorial changes as positive forward movement for Molossia, making our nation a better place!

So Long Venus!

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