25 October 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

On 25 October 2015 XXXVII, the Republic of Molossia hosted the 2015 Misfit Regatta. Inspired by the famous Henley-on-Todd Regatta held in Alice Springs, Australia, the Misfit Regatta is a dry land cardboard boat race. It takes place on Misfit Flats, some 16 Imperial Nortons (16 km / 10 mi) east of Molossia. Famed for being a filming location for the Clark Gable/Marilyn Monroe movie "The Misfits", the Flats are an open, dry lakebed, perfect for racing. At 10:39 AM Molossian Standard Time (MST) the racers arrived at the Flats and helped set up the start and finish lines. Then at about 11:00 AM MST the first race took place, with cameras rolling and spectators cheering. There were several races held, including kids only, adults only, group, guys only, ladies only, and backward for kids and for adults. A total of eleven racers competed, the most ever. As usual, Molossian citizen Bryce Cardoza was to be the racer to beat, winning almost every race in which he competed. Close seconds were Molossian citizens Nathan Harrison and Mark Baugh. The racers competed with all their might and had much to be proud of. After seven races, the event was ended and declared a resounding success. Today's Regatta was just the third of many, with one planned every other year at this time. Future races may include an obstacle course and a competition for best "boat", which will include non-racers and fans of Molossia from around the world. Well done racers, and see you in two years!

See a movie of the 2015 Misfit Regatta here!

Nathan's Fry Box

The Chief Constable's
Chef Box

Kaylin's Christmas

The First Lady's
Casino Box

The President's
Hula Box

Azurine's Street

Jade's Titanic

Lyla's Elephant

Danielle's Mermaid

Mark's Egg Carton

Bryce's Jet Plane

The Lineup.

The Adult Race.

The Finish Line.

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