27 September 2015 XXXVIII

Carson River Expedition

Not far from Molossia lies the Carson River, a silvery thread of life-giving water winding through our dry desert. But this year is the third in a row that our mountainous region has received less than normal winter snow, and this lack of snow has had a major impact on the watershed that feeds the Carson River. With little snow meltwater to feed it, the river's waters have dwindled to nothing - and the river is in fact dry now. This point was brought home on Sunday, 27 September 2015 XXXVIII when the First Family set out to explore the river. The occasion was a event held at Dayton State Park in the nearby town of Dayton, Nevada. Together with State and Federal agencies, a local group called the River Wranglers assembled to educate the community about the river and related topics. At various booths visitors learned about the Water Cycle, water pollution, animals of the area and flood prevention. This was followed by a trek to the dry riverbed itself, to illustrate the effect the drought has had. Educated and impressed, our adventurers returned to Molossia, hoping that this coming winter will bring back the snows and thus bring back our river.

The Dry River

Learning About River Topics

Lunar Eclipse

On 27 September 2015 XXXVIII a supermoon lunar eclipse occurred over Molossia. This is the first eclipse of this type to appear over this area since 1982 and the last until 2033. On a warm Sunday evening the First Family gathered near the Tower of The Winds to watch the eclipse. The event began at about 6:09 PM MST (5:30 PST), but as the eclipse began cloud cover obscured the moon and threatened to derail the viewing. The clouds continued until well after dark before slowly dispersing around 9:09 MST (8:30 PST). This coincided with the end of the totality phase of the eclipse, as the moon began to re-emerge from the earth's shadow. Thus after a long wait the watchers were rewarded with a wonderful view of the astronomical occasion, making for a great photo opportunity and another landmark scientific event for our nation.

The Eclipse Ends

Re-Emerging Moon

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