11 August 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

The name Molossia was chosen at random in 1998 as a replacement for the old name for our nation, Vuldstein. Molossia was chosen without the knowledge that there was an ancient Greek nation named Molossia, which was destroyed by the Romans in 168 BC. When our government was made aware of the original nation of Molossia efforts were made to connect modern Molossia with that nation. For a period of years we promoted a Greek and Greco-Italian aspect to our culture and additionally promoted awareness of ancient Molossia via our website. All that came to a halt in 2002 XXV when we were contacted by some angry Greek journalists and accused of stealing their culture by using the name Molossia. At that time we separated ourselves completely from any connection to the Molossia of ancient Greece and have since explained the origin of our nation's name in other ways. It has been variously described as a adaptation of the Spanish word “morro”, meaning rock, and also as a adaptation of the Chinese words for “desert-place-rock” Mň Lů Shí. Neither of these explanations seemed satisfactory, thus it has been decided to establish a new meaning for the name Molossia. After careful consideration, it is determined that henceforth the name Molossia will be known as an adaptation of the Hawaiian word Maluhia, which means peace and serenity. While there is no direct connection between Hawaii and Molossia, we have a great admiration for Hawaii and Hawaiian culture, thus this selection of a name origin will bring honor to both our nations.

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