9 August 2015 XXXVIII

Eclectic Tourist Group

The Republic of Molossia has visitors all the time, but the latest group to tour our nation was certainly unique in its variety. To start with we had Long Yiang and her family, visiting from San Francisco, followed shortly by Cathy Gillespie from Nevada Day Magazine, writing a feature article about Molossia for Nevada Day and her beau, Roy Harvey, who The President is acquainted with through his contacts with the Nevada Air National Guard. Finally, arriving part-way through the tour came Ken Ogden, an old friend of The President, who he has not seen since 1986! His Excellency, The First Lady and Chief Constable escorted the group around our nation, showing them all the sights and telling all the tales about Molossia. Afterward, The President and First Lady sat down with Ms. Gillespie to do an interview in conjunction with the Nevada Day article and finally His Excellency caught up on old times with Mr. Ogden for a good long while. It was an interesting and amazing day, another unique event in the eventful life that is Molossia!

Our Latest Visitors

Red Square Addresses

There has been a new change to Red Square, the administrative heart of Molossia - street addresses. Red Square is home to several buildings, the Molossia Post Office, the Bank of Molossia, the Tiki Hut Bar and Grill, the Molossia Trading Company and of course the Office of the President. Now each of those buildings has its own address, each very unique. The Post Office is at 10/6 Red Square, the Trading Company is 221B Red Square, the President's Office is at 33 1/3 Red Square, the Bank is at 454 Red Square and the Tiki Hut is at 50 Red Square. The address numbers will make identifying the Red Square buildings easier in correspondence and add a little flair to our square!

The President's Address

The Trading Company Address

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