19 July 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

On 19 July 2015 XXXVIII, the mighty Molossian Navy returned to Cave Rock for the first time in three years, with a new mission. This first naval deployment of 2015 was tasked to explore the western shore of Lake Tahoe with a final destination of mighty Cave Rock itself. Cave Rock is the most prominent rock formation on the shores of Lake Tahoe, towering high over the clear lake waters. The prominence features several small caves and is sacred to the local Washoe Indian Tribe. A legendary cavern below the water is reputed to be the home of "Tahoe Tessie", Lake Tahoe's version of the Loch Ness monster.

On a warm July afternoon the Navy set out to explore Cave Rock. This deployment was historic as it included every vessel in our Navy, the M.S. Spindrift, Platypus, Bandicoot, Manatee and our newest vessel, the M.S. Wahoo. Indeed this was the maiden voyage of the Wahoo, first obtained by our Navy late last year. The Navy set forth from tiny Cave Rock Harbor, rounded the rocks and then sailed swiftly along the shoreline. It took about a half an hour for the flotilla to reach the base of Cave Rock, which towered over our tiny fleet. Resting beneath the rock, observations were made about the decreasing water level, Lake Tahoe also being a victim of the western drought. Further observations were made regarding the flora and fauna of the Rock and the old highway that rounded the Rock before the current tunnels were drilled through it. After pausing for lunch in the lee of the Rock, the Navy redeployed back to Cave Rock Harbor, completing a two-hour sortie upon arrival. Further explorations around the Harbor were made for another hour before the Navy ended their successful mission.

These sorties complete, the mission was declared a success, and our brave Navy retired from the waters, returning to Molossia.

Following The Shore

Approaching Cave Rock

Not Far Away

The Rock Towers Over

At The Base Of The Rock

Cave Rock

Pause Before Returning

Heading Back
To Cave Rock Harbor

The Navy Ready To Deploy

Setting Sail

Organizing The Fleet

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