3 July 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

As the sultry month of July barely dawned upon Molossia, our nation already hosted two separate groups of visitors, each eager to experience the world of our tiny nation.

On Thursday, 2 July, Jumbo, Joshua, David and Dieter visited Molossia as part of a tour through the western U.S. Hailing from Germany, the quartet were visiting various unique locales for a television show called Galileo on channel ProSieben. On a broiling summer afternoon the team visited with His Excellency, The President and the Chief Constable on various matters pertaining to micronations in general and Molossia in particular. They learned a bit about the history of our great nation and a bit more about our culture. The show host, Jumbo, even helped raise and lower the flag and swept Republic Square in anticipation of a State Visit planned the next day (that did not take place, unfortunately). After several hours the group departed Molossia for distant Elko, somewhat worse for the heat but having nevertheless had a good time visiting our nation.

On Friday, 3 July, Stana and Chris visited Molossia from their home in Mexico by way of a tour through the west for Stana's travel blog. In spite of the blazing heat they saw all the sights of our nation, including Red Square, Norton Park and the Tower of the Winds. The President as usual regaled our visitors with the stories and culture of Molossia, ensuring they had an enjoyable sojourn in our nation. Finally, their curiosity about the world's smallest republic satisfied, our visitors returned to the United States, destined for adventures elsewhere. You can learn about Stana and Chris' adventures in Molossia at Stana's blog, here.

We are happy as always to have hosted these two groups of intrepid travelers in our nation and wish them well on their future pursuits.

Joshua, David, Jumbo and Dieter

Stana and Chris

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