22 March 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

13 March 2015 XXXVIII marked the fifteenth anniversary of the Molossia Railroad. Through those years our railroad has served us well, hauling freight and passengers and entertaining visitors as it rolls around Norton Park. In honor of this milestone Railroad Day was celebrated here in Molossia. On this occasion almost all of the Molossia Railroad's engines and rolling stock were taken out of storage and run on the tracks. The railroad has six engines, five of which made an appearance, rolling ably around the track in spite of their age. Each engine hauled a variety of rolling stock, including flatcars, gondolas, boxcars, a caboose, a tank car and of course passenger cars. The latter even included two venerable cars on loan from the nearby Virginia and Truckee Railroad. Our engineers for the day were His Excellency, The President and Chief Constable Alexis, each taking turns running the road. After a successful day of putting the Molossia Railroad through its paces, the engines and cars were stored away until next Railroad Day. In the meantime, however, our flagship engine Bighorn continues to show off the railroad to our visitors whenever tourists visit Molossia. We are quite proud of the Molossia Railroad and look forward to many more years of it serving Molossia well!

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Bighorn Hauling Freight.

Coming Up On The Bridge

Zephyr Passing Lizard Mountain

Mustang At The Station

Watching It Go

Coyote At The Station


Alexis In Control

Coyote Rolling Through

Bighorn Hauling Varnish

Setting Things Up

Bighorn Hauling A Big Load

Hmmm, How Does This Go Together?

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