12 January 2015 XXXVIII
Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia International Pictures is pleased to announce the latest film from our nation, "La Spiono". La Spiono is a spy noir comedy in the Esperanto language and features the antics of several spies and the stalwart policeman attempting to thwart them. Filmed just over the border on location in the US, La Spiono lightheartedly reflects on the current and ongoing cold war between Molossia and our age old enemy, East Germany. The recent thawing of relations between Cuba (location of the last extant piece of East Germany) and the US and the return of the old East German communist party to power in the reunified Germany has brought to the forefront the neverending conflict between Molossia and that nation. While the threat of East German espionage remains and war clouds never pass, it is good to laugh at the foibles of bumbling spies. Enjoy our new film from Molossia!

Watch the movie here!

"La Spiono"

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