11 September 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is pleased to announce that it will be hosting an intermicronational get-together and conference, MicroCon 2015. MicroCon will be a meet-up of micronationalists from around the world. The principal venue will be the Anaheim Central Library, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, 11 April 2015. Attendees are invited to present a short presentation on their micronation or a micronational topic of their choice. In addition attendees may present small displays about their nation of micronational project, in a second room. The media will be invited to attend and micronationalists are encouraged to attend in full micronational regalia. After the library conference there will be a subsequent public event, location and nature to be determined. It has been suggested that all attendees visit the nearby miniature golf facility, for an afternoon of fun and photos. Beyond all this, there will be a group dinner Friday evening, 10 April, at a location to be determined and there may also be a group dinner on Saturday evening.

We welcome micronationalists from around the world to come to this event. It promises to be entertaining, educational and fun. Come see us at MicroCon 2015!

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