13 August 2014 XXXVII

New Canine Citizens

Here in the Republic of Molossia, with our tiny population, we are proud to count our dogs among our citizens. They are loyal, protective and often entertaining. Thus it was without hesitation that earlier in the month of August that we added two new residents to our canine population, Tom Sawyer Baugh and Huckleberry Finn Baugh. Tom and Huck are named in honor of Mark Twain, a resident of nearby Virginia City, Nevada in the early 1860's and himself the namesake for the small community in which Molossia lies. The dogs are four month old wire-haired miniature dachshunds, a sturdy, long-bodied breed known for their digging - a characteristic already amply demonstrated in Norton Park. We welcome our new citizens and look forward to them being a part of our lives and the Molossian scene for many years to come.

Huck and Tom

Bottle Forest

The Republic of Molossia is pleased to unveil our latest art project, the Bottle Forest. The bottle forest is just that, a collection of bottles on trees, in this case cottonwood branches scrounged from the nearby Carson River and set into the ground next to Red Square. Bottle Houses and Bottle Forests can be found throughout the Southwestern US, and are a feature of many old mining towns and other desert locales. Molossia's Bottle Forest was conceived as a quirky replacement for the planned Bottle House project, itself now on hold. The location of the Bottle House and the current Bottle Forest will one day be home to the new Molossia Trading Company Building, to be constructed in either 2016 or 2017. It the meantime this unusual art display will decorate our nation and add a little more character to our already unique nation!

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