25 March 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

Molossian Thespian Takes the Stage. Carson Baugh, son of His Excellency, The President and occasional Benverian has again stepped up on the stage and shared his acting talents with the world. A veteran of the 4th Grade production of "Tom Sawyer", wherein he played the memorable character of Judge Thatcher, Carson's most recent foray was in the production of "Hare, a Kid's Rock Musical". In this amusing and thoroughly enjoyable stage spectacular, Carson plays a member of the Greek Chorus, expanding on his established acting talents with singing talents as well. To quote His Excellency, The President, "who knew he could sing?". At any rate, Carson's performance was outstanding, and bodes well for his future on the stage.

The Burgeoning Desert Forest. As Spring springs, the time has arrived for the annual frenzied burst of National Beautification. This year's efforts include the planting of several trees, a resource that Molossia is sadly lacking. In addition to our venerable Juniper, the only tree native to Molossia, and our existing two Russian Olives ("Lenin" and "Trotsky"), last year the Forestry Service added two young Aspens. This year, our tree expansion continues, with the addition of two Alberta Spruces, three Moonglow Junipers, four Arborvitae on the Northern Frontier, and a Bristlecone Pine. This latter tree, of a type legendary for its longevity in the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains, will not only beautify our nation, but will serve as the National Christmas Tree, when that season arrives. This is truly a good year for trees in Molossia!

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