29 June 2014 XXXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

On Sunday, 29 June 2014 XXXVII the Molossian Naval Infantry engaged in weapons training to improve their overall state of readiness. On a warm summer day the Naval Infantry set out for their rifle range in the foothills of the nearby Molossian Alps. Setting up on a dusty hillside, they began with archery practice, using the Chief Constable's compound bow. Following that the Naval Infantry practiced bayonet charges against practice dummies resembling East German soldiers. Next, the troops participated in weapons training and target practice. The weapons used were Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Muskets, the standard firearm of our Naval Infantry. The Enfield is a muzzle-loaded, black powder rifle, that fires a .58 caliber bullet; it can be complex to use for the uninitiated. Nevertheless our troops quickly gained proficiency in the weapon, hitting their targets accurately every time. After several hours, the Naval Infantry as a whole was considered to be accomplished in the use of their weapons and the training mission was declared a success. We are proud of our troops and are confident in their ability to defend our homeland with ease and skill.

Weapons Practice Camp.

East German Targets.

Archery Practice.

Ready Bowman.

Bayonet Ready!.


Assaulting the Target.

The East Germans
Haven't A Chance!

Another Charge.

Ready, Aim...

Rifle Targets.

Loading the Rifles.

Proud Marksmen.

Ready to Shoot.

Weapons Training.



A Miniť Ball.

Trained Marksmen.

Sporting Their
Marksmanship Badges.

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