22 June 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

On 21 June 2014 XXXVII, Larry Robinson, The Governor General of the Republic of New Plimoth visited Molossia for the first State Visit between our two nations. New Plimoth is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, and was founded in 2013 XXXVI after the Governor General first visited our nation and was inspired to found his own. The Governor General arrived at 10:39 AM MST, accompanied by Thomas Munn, his Chief of Security. His Excellency and the Governor General made the visit official by posing with their nations' flags in Republic Square, after which The President, First Lady and Chief Constable took Governor General and Mr. Munn on a tour of Molossia. During the tour they discussed the things that had changed since the Governor General's informal visit to our nation last year, and our plans for the future. After the tour discussions were held in the Office of the President pertaining to micronational matters and our two respective nations, especially the development of New Plimoth. Following this The Governor General and Mr. Munn bid farewell to Molossia as they returned to New Plimoth. Thus ended a successful diplomatic meeting, a milestone for both of our great nations.

Two Flags

The President and The Governor General
in Republic Square

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