30 April 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia is pleased to unveil our newest monument and newest honor, the Heroes of Molossia. Both the monument and honor recognize significant individuals, living or deceased, that have contributed to Molossia's development as a nation. The Heroes Monument was formerly the Mustachistan War Memorial, damaged by a wind storm during the previous winter which destroyed the iconic lion atop the monument. His Excellency, The President decided to use this event to redesign both the monument and its reason for existing. From this was born the Heroes Monument and honor. This column, situated at the east end of the newly expanded Red Square, not only recognizes those individuals that have contributed to our nation, but also honors all Molossians in the wars in which our nation has been involved, specifically the Mustachistan War and the War Against East Germany. Over time, plaques will be added to column to recognize both individual heroes and the nation's sacrifices made during wartime.

As well as the monument, The President has directed that 30 April will henceforth be a new holiday, Heroes Day. This date was selected because of its relation to Camerone Day, the observance of the Battle of Camerone, wherein 65 French Foreign Legionnaires fought against 3000 Mexican soldiers in an heroic last stand. Long admired by The President, the anniversary of this iconic battle seemed to be the perfect date on which to recognize our own heroes. An observance will thus be held on 30 April every year, both to remember the wartime heroes of Molossia as well as the individual Heroes of Molossia.

To inaugurate the new monument, the first observance of Heroes Day was held on the evening of 30 April 2014 XXXVII. His Excellency, The First Lady and members of the First Family gathered in the twilight and lit the Lamp of Honor on the monument. The President then said a few words, recognizing Molossia's Heroes, past and present and acknowledging their sacrifices for our nation.

We are all proud of this new monument and tradition, as much as we are proud to honor our heroes, those mighty individuals that have helped shape our great nation and make it the wonderful place it is today.

Current Heroes of Molossia:

His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh
First Lady Adrianne Baugh
Emperor Norton I
Walt Disney
Miranda Mc Elhiney
Admiral Erik White
Heroes of the Mustachistan War
Heroes of the War Against East Germany

The Hero Monument

Lighting the Lamp of Honor

The Hero Monument

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