12 March 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

His Excellency, The President, speaking at Government House today, marked the upcoming one-year anniversary of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq, which occurred on March 19, 2003. Noting the dangerous pattern set by the Bush administration, His Excellency said that Molossia must be wary of U.S. aggression.

The President has often criticized the invasion of Iraq, saying it had created a precedent whereby undesirable leaders could be unseated with military force.

"Molossia has to be vigilant and pay particular attention to its mighty neighbor," he said. "The world has returned to times when war and brute force were real instruments of foreign policy.

"The United States declared its particular right to use military force towards countries that dare to implement independent foreign and internal policies, policies that may be at odds with American foreign policy. This aggressive foreign policy has been amply demonstrated by the recent kidnapping of President Aristide of Haiti and, before that, the U.S. sponsored attempted coup against President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. The pattern established by the Iraq invasion continues unabated."

"We are not doing any saber-rattling," he said. "We are not threatening anyone. We are only talking about the sanctity of our great nation".

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