24 February 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

On 23 February 2014 XXXVII Molossia held its first art show. With an eye toward showing off the various creative abilities of our citizens, all genres of art were presented. His Excellency, The President showed off a composition of layered Tibetan prayer flags in our National Colours, titled "Windhorse". The First Lady presented "Bam, Molossia!", with our National Colours running across the canvas from melted crayons. Chief Constable Alexis submitted several compositions, including a few drawings, a blue, white and green craft stick creation and a sheep also painted in our National Colours. Nathan showed off an explosive mix of our Colours, Carson decorated a plastic cup in stripes and Bryce concentrated on our nation's name. All our citizens present did a fine job showcasing Molossia in art. We are all very proud of our creations and look forward to another art show, probably next year.

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