12 February 2014 XXXVII
Khamsin Molossia News

Molossia and the Western United States, within which it lies, are experiencing a major drought. Yes, the concept of a drought seems odd considering that Molossia lies within a desert. However, our desert is in fact liberally sprinkled with rivers, lakes and streams. These water features are refreshed annually during our "wet season", roughly from October through April. After April the climate becomes much drier and very little rain falls during the warmer months. This year's wet season has been anything but, with very little precipitation falling. There have been few snow storms, and snow in our many mountain ranges is the source of our rivers. The lack of snow and rain has been profound especially in nearby California, where lakes and reservoirs are drying up. While water levels normally decline through the summer, for them to be so low this early in the year bodes ill for the warmer months. Already this lack of water has spurred a "water war" between agriculture and environmentalists, over how limited water resources will be allocated.

Here in Molossia all of our water comes from a single well, which is also fed from an aquifer refreshed from water accumulated during the wet season. As the dry weather continues, measures have thus been taken to conserve water, and to prepare for the drier months ahead. A recent major storm dumped a large amount of snow and rain in our area, but water reserves are still far below normal. Hopefully more wet weather is ahead of us, and will thus diminish the threat of drought.

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