14 January 2014 XXXVII

Cookie Dough Fest

The Cookie Dough Fest is a staple of Molossian culture. In fact cookie dough itself is so important to our nation that it forms the basis for our currency, the Valora. Dating from our brief affiliation with the United Provinces of Utopia in 1999 XXII, the Cookie Dough Fest involves simply watching monster movies of questionable quality while eating raw cookie dough. In the past a perennial favourite was the "Tremors" series of movies, although just about any B movie will do. Lately, the eating of raw cookie dough has been curtailed a bit due to salmonella concerns and has been somewhat replaced by cookie dough ice cream, but the tradition remains largely the same. On 11 January 2014 XXXVII Molossians held their first Cookie Dough Fest of the New Year, a belated celebration of Emperor Norton Day, which falls on 8 January. The movie of the evening was "Big Ass Spider" about, appropriately, a giant spider rampaging through Los Angeles. Intentionally tongue in cheek and hilarious, it was the perfect choice for the evening, and for the occasion cookie dough was mixed with cookie dough ice cream. A fine time was had by all and we look forward to many more Cookie Dough Fests in the future!

Cookie dough ready!

A bowl of deliciousness!

Red Square Remodel

The holidays are over and the time has come to begin our latest building project, expanding and remodeling Red Square. Red Square lies to the north of Government House and is home to the Molossia Post Office, Bank of Molossia, Office of the President, Molossia's Tiki Hut Bar and Grill, and more. The expansion will make room for the long-planned Molossia Constabulary and for a picnic area and badminton grounds. The first stage of the project involved removing dozens of rabbit brush bushes and sagebrush. Next will come installing more privacy fencing along our northern frontier with the US, followed by expanding the Red Square retaining wall east, toward the Back Forty. After that is done, the area will be backfilled with dirt and more red gravel, streetlights and picnic benches will be installed and the expansion will be done. Sometime in late spring, the Constabulary will be built, as well as an outdoor kitchen for the Tiki Hut. By then it will be tourist season and time to show our new square off to the world!

Red Square ready for a remodel.

Tons of weeds ready for export to the US.

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