11 December 2013 XXXVI

Winter Arrives in Molossia

Winter has finally arrived in Molossia. Beginning on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 XXXVI the first snow of the season fell, and the second storm struck on the evening of Friday, the 6th. By Saturday morning our nation was covered in a blanket of white. Cold temperatures ensured that this second snowfall remained, instead of melting away quickly like our snow usually does.

The winter season usually begins around the last week of November, with the first light snowfall almost invariably falling at that time. After that, the snow usually abates until January (and almost never occurs on Christmas). January and February are the real winter months in Molossia, with frequent snowfalls and cold temperatures being the rule. Occasional warm spells occur, especially in February and March, called "false spring", followed by the real spring in April.

So this may be last snow we see for a while, but we still hold out hopes for a white Christmas!

Functionality Project

His Excellency, The President has announced the Functionality Project. In his directive to the nation, all Molossia-related facilities are to be functional, that is, actually work for the benefit of the nation. This project has already moved forward with the recent expansion of the telephone system. Previously this system only existed in the form of two phones just used by tourists during tour of the nation. As a result of the expansion, the phones now connect all of the regularly occupied buildings in Molossia and the system can be easily expanded as more buildings are built. A future example of the Functionality Project will be the construction of an outdoor kitchen area for Molossia's Tiki Hut Bar and Grill, so that food can actually be prepared there instead of being brought in. Another facet of the Project will be to explore a connection between the Molossia postal system and the US Postal Service, just over the border. The Functionality Project will be a permanent facet of Molossian life as our country continues to grow and expand, and will be a marked improvement in the development of our great nation.

Texas Embargo Lifted

After over five years, His Excellency, The President has directed that the Texas Embargo be lifted. The Embargo was emplaced in 2008 when a prominent member of the First Family defected to Texas. Since then, the Embargo has continued as an amusing aside mentioned during tours of our nation. It has never been actively enforced and Texans and Texas products have been tacitly allowed in our nation, the former with prior permission. Effective 1 January 2014 XXXVII the Embargo will be abolished and all restrictions lifted. Welcome to Molossia, Texans!

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