21 February 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

The quest to go to space knows no bounds on Earth, now that China and Europe have entered the world of space-faring nations. Molossia is no different, but our goals are not quite as lofty. In addition to our small sub-orbital space program, today we have made the next step, to leave this planet in electronic form. Using the services of TransOrbital, our government will send a message into space, aboard a small capsule, the Trailblazer 2001. This capsule will orbit the moon and take pictures, before crashing into the lunar surface, carrying our message (and many others) to the moon. We look forward to this project taking place in the Fall of 2004 XXVII.

This is the text of the message that will be sent:

"Greetings from the Republic of Molossia, the world's smallest sovereign republic. We send this message on behalf of all Molossians, and the small nations of Earth. We offer our hopes for peace and a bright future for all mankind."

His Excellency President Kevin Baugh,
The Republic of Molossia

The website of the for the Ministry for Air and Space Exploration can be found here.

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