27 August 2013 XXXVI
Khamsin Molossia News

The Republic of Molossia has been plagued for over a week by heavy smoke from a distant forest fire, the Rim Fire. The Rim Fire is an ongoing wildfire in the central Sierra Nevada region of California, which started on 17 August 2013 XXXVI. By 22 August the fire had grown so large that prevailing winds were blowing heavy smoke and ash all the way to Molossia, over 300 Imperial Nortons (300 km) away. The smoke has caused burning eyes and throats and has also resulted in canceled outdoor activities in the areas around Molossia.

Wildfires are the most common "natural disaster" in the areas around Molossia and Molossians are very vigilant in preventing the possible spread of fire by clearing brush throughout our nation and monitoring thunderstorm activity, often the catalyst for fires. As recently as 2011 XXXIV lighting spawned a wildfire that came within 700 Nortons of Molossia's borders.

To date, the Rim Fire is listed as one of the largest in recent California history, and has burned nearly 730 Square Imperial Nortons (730 sq km) of forest land. As of 27 August 2013 XXXVI the fire was described as 20% contained; here in Molossia we hope that it is vanquished soon!

Smoke From Space

Smoke and Our Flag

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