9 August 2013 XXXVI

Khamsin Molossia News

Bottle House Begins

On 9 August 2013 XXXVI construction finally began on our long-planned bottle house. That's correct, we are building a house made of bottles, much like those seen throughout the west in places like Rhyolite, Nevada and Calico, California. Granted, our building will be much smaller, about 77 square Nortons, but the concept is the same, walls made of bottles. Already we have collected over 1200 bottles for the project, including six XXX Root Beer bottles from the XXX Drive-In in Indiana, courtesy of our friends the Millers. Thus far only the floor has been laid, with the first bottles likely going in around September. After that we estimate it will take about a year for the bottle house to be complete. It will be a long process but a worthwhile one as this building adds to the beauty and character of our nation. Keep posted for developments as the Bottle House grows - and if you'd like to send us a bottle to be included in the house, please feel free!

The Bottle House Begins

New Weather Station

The time has come to update our old weather station. The first small station was built in 2008 XXXI, in a spot just in front of Government House. After five years in the desert weather the old station was pretty shopworn and it came time to replace it. Thus on 9 August 2013 XXXVI the new station was installed. Larger and more detailed, the new station includes a simple anemometer, wind direction indicator, rain gauge and of course thermometer. It is important to note that we do not actually need a weather station to gauge Molossia's weather, which is always a balmy 40 degrees Zenda (72 F / 22 C). However our close proximity to the US means that their lousy weather creeps across our border with alarming regularity. Thus we need this new weather station to keep an eye on US weather!

New Weather Station

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