14 July 2013 XXXVI
Khamsin Molossia News

On 14 July 2013 XXXVI, Queen Anastasia of the Kingdom of Ruritania visited the Republic of Molossia for the first State Visit between our two nations. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Ruritania is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and it is from there that the Queen set forth to tour the western United States, including a stop in our fair Republic. Accompanied by the Duchess Elizabeth Gretchen von Tarlenheim, the Queen arrived in Molossia 10:39 AM MST. The first order at hand upon her arrival was the raising of the Ruritanian flag Republic Square. The Queen then awarded His Excellency the Order of King Henry the Lion, creating him a knight in that order. The President then awarded Her Majesty with the Molossian Friendship Medal, our customary honor for visiting dignitaries and friends of our nation. The President and First Lady then escorted the Queen and Duchess on a tour of Molossia, visiting all the sights. During and after the tour discussions were held in the Office of the President pertaining to micronational matters and our two respective nations. His Excellency was quite curious about Ruritania and The Queen educated him of the history of her nation. The Queen was equally well versed in the current events of the micronational world, and there was much discussion regarding the upcoming PoliNation Conferences, both in Italy in 2014 and in San Francisco in 2016. Discussion ended, the Queen took her leave and departed with the duchess for nearby Reno, to spend a week vacationing there. Thus ended a successful diplomatic meeting, a milestone for both of our great nations.

The President,
First Lady,
the Queen and Duchess in
Republic Square

Two Flags

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