23 June 2013 XXXVI
Khamsin Molossia News

On 23 June 2013 XXXVI, the Molossian Navy and Naval Infantry launched a long-planned mission to invade Sandpiper Island. Sandpiper Island is located in Lake Lahontan, a reservoir about 48 Imperial Nortons (48 km/30 mi) east of Molossia. This lake has been the site of several Naval missions over the years, including the recent launch of the Rocket Torpedo. This latest mission was planned as an opportunity to let the Molossian Naval Infantry practice water-borne invasion techniques, including wargames on the island to capture the flag.

After preparation and travel to Lake Lahontan the Naval Infantry arrived at about 2:00 PM MST. They immediately deployed the Molossian fleet of inflatable kayaks and quickly set out on the water toward the island. It rapidly became apparent, however, that the mission would not go as planned. Foul weather intervened and strong winds created a heavy chop on the lake. The kayaks were in danger of swamping and proved difficult to maneuver in the turbulent waters and howling winds. The decision was made to sail for the nearest shore, which was far from the launching point. Driven by the wind and awash in the waves, three out of four kayaks nevertheless arrived quickly at the muddy shore. In the meantime, the fourth, piloted by Nathan, actually arrived at Sandpiper Island, only to have to turn around and return. Nathan struggled through the waves, rowing mightily, and finally arrived at the shore after a harrowing journey. Now beached far from their start point, soaking wet and covered in mud, the redoubtable Naval Infantry had little choice but to trek overland to their starting point. A half hour later, after traversing mud, dunes and beaches, the team arrived back where they started, and loaded up for the return to Molossia. Thus ended this mission, which, while not successful nevertheless taught our Naval Infantry valuable lessons about the capabilities of their assault craft - and about themselves. They showed strength and perseverance as always and vowed to return soon and complete their mission.

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Objective: Sandpiper

Ready for Action!

Braving the Waters.

Rescuing a Comrade.

Muddy and Wet.

The First Lady Hauling Gear.

Trekking Back.

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