14 February 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

Hypérion Balloon Flight and Aerial Survey

The Hypérion Balloon Flight took place today, February 14th, 2004 XXVII. The intention of this flight was to rise high above Molossia and take aerial photos of our nation. Previous efforts to accomplish this goal using the AstroCam rocket have not been successful. This project was much heralded, with a great chance of success.

Unfortunately, this project did not "rise to the occasion", so to speak. In spite of attaching over 20 balloons, the camera failed to rise more than 20 feet in the air. In addition, the ever-present Molossian wind contributed to the project's failure, dragging the balloon into the few trees we have in our country. In spite of this setback, we continue to look skyward, in our quest to explore the heavens.

The website of the for the Ministry for Air and Space Exploration can be found here.

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