30 May 2013 XXXVI
Khamsin Molossia News

The afternoon of Wednesday, 29 May 2013 XXXVI was a busy one in the Republic of Molossia.  While still recovering from the hectic Founder’s Day weekend, our nation received two very different sets of visitors, both having traveled quite a distance to reach us.  At about 3:30 PM MST, Matt, Rick, Kyle and Alex arrived in Molossia, as a stop on a journey that has taken them across the US from their homes in New York all the way to California and now heading back east.   Upon arrival in Molossia, the gentlemen were met by His Excellency, The President, who showed them around our nation to see all the sights.  As their tour of Molossia progressed, our second set of visitors arrived, heralded by a giant purple tour bus.  This was the crew from Yahoo! On The Road, Zennen, Rick, Lydo, Ben, Victor, Darryl, Becky and Jessica.  Yahoo! On The Road is a month-long road trip that spotlights various musical performers across the United States and few non-musical attractions such as Molossia as well.  The Yahoo! crew patiently waited while His Excellency concluded the tour with Matt, Rick, Kyle and Alex, then conducted a brief interview with them before turning their attention to The President.  Over the next two hours, the crew interviewed His Excellency and toured Molossia, shooting film footage that will be used in an upcoming short piece online.   After visiting and filming in Molossia, the Yahoo! crew packed up and headed to their next concert venue in Reno, after which they will make their way back to California.  Matt, Rick, Alex and Kyle in turned headed east, bound for Yellowstone and eventually back to their homes.  It was an honor to have hosted these two groups of travelers, and we wish them well on their voyages home.

Kyle, Matt, Rick and Alex

The Yahoo! Bus

The Yahoo! Crew

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