13 May 2013 XXXVI
Khamsin Molossia News

On 13 May 2013 XXXVI, High Prince Harrison of the Principality of Venus visited the Republic of Molossia for the first State Visit between our two nations. The Principality of Venus is a government in exile, claiming the entirety of that planet. The High Prince contacted His Excellency, The President some weeks ago, seeking an opportunity to visit our nation. It soon developed that the High Prince was the ruler of his own nation, changing the visit to Molossia to a slightly more formal State Visit. Thus, on the sunny and breezy Monday morning of 13 May, the High Prince arrived in Molossia. The first order at hand upon his arrival was the raising of the Principality of Venus flag over Republic Square. The flag raised, The President and First Lady then escorted the High Prince on a tour of Molossia. This was followed by a lengthy discussion in the Office of the President. The first order at hand was the resolution of conflicting claims, as Molossia claims a small part of Venus as a territory called Vesperia, based around Marie Crater. The High Prince of course claims all of the planet Venus. This was soon resolved with a gentleman's agreement that the Principality will respect Molossia's claim and Molossia will not contest the Principality's claim of the rest of the planet. Following this was a discussion about possible ways the High Prince could further develop his nation, building on the solid foundation he has already established. Armed with good ideas, the High Prince ended his visit with a requisite photo op and headed back to his Princely residence in exile. Thus ended a successful diplomatic meeting, a milestone for both of our great nations.

The President and
the High Prince in
Republic Square

Hands Across the Border

Two Flags

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