24 January 2004 XXVII

Khamsin Molossia News

The Thinking Spot. We all need a place to stop and contemplate, and now Molossia has just such a place. Today the Thinking Spot has been established. Simplicity itself, our nation's Thinking Spot is a stone bench set up at the edge of Gunpowder Wash, just across from the Molossia Cemetery. The Thinking Spot will also serve as a place to sit and remember departed friends, now resting in the cemetery. A place of peace and refection, the Thinking Spot is truly a quiet asset to our little nation.

The Chimes of Molossia. The idea of a National Musical instrument has long been considered here in Molossia. What should it be? A trumpet, reflecting our military heritage? Drums, reminding us of the Native Americans that once roamed this area? A kazoo, such as His Excellency, The President enjoyed playing as a child? Finally, the First Lady came up with the answer. The wind plays constantly across Molossia, and across the wind chimes that have long hung behind Government House. Thus, our National Musical Instrument will henceforth be the wind chimes. Not only is this wonderfully symbolic of our nation, but they have a unique, beautiful, soft sound, one Molossians can be proud of. In addition, when Molossians are abroad, the sound of wind chimes will always remind them of home. Wind chimes. The sound of the wind, improved, and the sound of Molossia.

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