29 September 2012 XXXV

Khamsin Molossia News

Professor Van Rossem Visit

On Friday, 28 September 2012 XXXV Molossia played host to a unique visitor on a unique mission. At about 4:00 PM MST Professor Maarten Van Rossem arrived in Molossia, accompanied by his television crew. Professor Van Rossem is a Dutch historian and political commentator, specializing in the United States Presidential elections. Through his magazine and speaking engagements he attempts to translate the US political process to the interested people of the Netherlands. Molossia was the final stop on a tour across the United States that stretched from Washington, DC all the way to San Francisco. Professor Van Rossem is filming a four-part series that uses the creation of a 51st US state to explore American politics. Molossia was included as a possible outgrowth of that concept, the creation of a sovereign nation if the idea of a 51st state won't work. For about an hour His Excellency, The President and The First Lady escorted Professor Van Rossem around our nation, answering his questions about our sovereignty and how he might go about creating his own nation. Professor Van Rossem particularly enjoyed seeing our stamps and the Molossia Railroad. After the interview was complete, the Professor and his cheerful crew packed up and headed out in their Winnebago, off to San Francisco and thence home to the Netherlands. We wish the Professor and his crew well on their travels and look forward to hopefully seeing Molossia in the Dutch media soon, as Professor Van Rossem tries to decipher American politics for a European audience.

Professor Van Rossem and His Team

Conducting an Interview

The Professor's Motorhome, with a Map of His Travels - Including Molossia

More Tourists

On Saturday, 29 September 2012 XXXV, Molossia was visited by yet another group of tourists, bringing our total to 11 for the month of September, a record for a single month. At about 12:30 PM MST Ted, Melissa, Dane and Sarah arrived in our nation, traveling from Reno, Nevada on their way to Northern California. Ted read about Molossia in the Lonely Planet Guide to Micronations, which includes a chapter on our nation. For about an hour the quartet explored Molossia, escorted by His Excellency, The President, The First Lady and First Daughter Alexis. They saw all the sights of our nation, including Red Square, Norton Park and the Tower of the Winds. The President as usual regaled our visitors with the story and culture of Molossia, ensuring they had an enjoyable visit. Their curiosity about the world's smallest republic satisfied, they returned to the United States, destined for adventures elsewhere. We are happy as always to have hosted these four intrepid travelers in our nation and wish them well on their future pursuits.

Dane, Sarah, Melissa and Ted

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