2 September 2012 XXXV

Khamsin Molossia News


The Republic of Molossia has again contributed to Kiva. Kiva is an organization that allows people to lend money via the Internet to microfinance institutions in developing countries around the world, which in turn lend the money to small businesses. Molossia's latest donation is to Richard, a banana and coffee farmer in Uganda. The loan to Richard will help him expand his crop and perhaps purchase a motorcycle for deliveries. When Molossia's loan to Richard is someday repaid, the money will again be rolled back into Kiva to help another budding business person, and so on. Thus, though Molossia is itself a developing nation, we help others develop as well, the right thing to do in the world community. Read more about Kiva here!


Molossia has again played host to visitors from near and far. On Saturday, 1 September 2012 XXXV, our nation was visited by two different sets of tourists, a first for us. At 12:39 MST, Mike the Pirate and his son Danny arrived from nearby Dayton. They were escorted on a tour of Molossia by His Excellency, The President and First Daughter Alexis. Mike and Danny saw all of our nation's sights and chatted with The President about many topics, both Molossian and not. As they live very near to our nation, we have no doubt that we will see Mike the Pirate and his family again. At 2:39 MST, J. Stephen and Karen Conn arrived in our nation. Just two hours earlier they completed a 17 1/2 year quest to visit every county, parish, borough and census area in the United States - all 3,143 of them - a goal only reached by 34 people. Their journey ended when they arrived in nearby Carson City, the last county on their list. After a celebratory lunch, the couple ventured to Molossia, as a first step in a new quest toward seeing every country in the world. Their arrival in Molossia was again greeted by His Excellency, The President and First Daughter Alexis, and there followed a tour of our nation. Mr. Conn had many questions about Molossia and was very interested in starting a micronation of his own. Once the tour was over, the Conns returned the U.S. and presumably on to distant lands. We wish them well on their travels and hope to hear from them again.

Mike the Pirate and Danny

J. Stephen and Karen Conn

Radio Molossia

This month's edition of Radio Molossia is proud to feature the music from the band The $2 Bills, hailing from Milton, Ontario, Canada. The band contacted Radio Molossia and asked if we would play their music in our September episode. Of course we agreed and our listeners will have the pleasure of hearing three songs by the band. You can learn more about The $2 Bills on their Facebook page here, and if you have a band, ask us and we might feature your music on Radio Molossia!

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The $2 Bills

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