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30 July 2012 XXXV was the 50th birthday of His Excellency, The President, a half-century milestone he celebrated with style. The festivities began with a First Family dinner at the local Olive Garden restaurant. After a sumptuous repast, out came the birthday cake, decorated in Molossian blue, white and green. In lieu of fifty candles, which might have caused a fire hazard, the President instead blew out a simple 5-0, and then opened his presents. Afterward The President spent some time in the company of some lovely ladies at a nearby "home for wayward girls" - along with The First Lady, of course. One young lady sang a lovely rendition of the birthday song to Our President, a tribute to his special day. This wrapped up a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable birthday for His Excellency, with many more to come!

A Birthday Song For The President (movie)

Birthday Feast.

Blowing Out The Candles.

The President And The Ladies.

The President And The First Lady.

The Birthday Cake.

Smiling Celebrants.

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