16 July 2012 XXXV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 14 July 2012 XXXV, His Excellency, the President and The First Lady attended the Second International PoliNation Micronational Conference, in London, United Kingdom. The conference was held in the Small Hall of Chelsea Old Town Hall and was organized by Dr. Judy Lattas of Macquarie University, Emperor George II of Atlantium and Jacopo Castelletti of St. Charlie. Beginning at 8:30 AM, the conference lasted until 6:00 PM and featured speakers throughout the day from many micronations as well as several plenary presentations on micronational topics. The micronational representatives each showcased their nations, which range from kingdoms to duchies to republics to communes. His Excellency spoke early in the day, regarding Molossia, our dreams, themes and goals. The plenary presentations included discussions of micronational art, micronations as art, micronational money, skepticism and sanity. The conference closed with a screening of the film "Empire Me", after which the delegates adjourned to a London restaurant for the post-conference dinner. The entire event was truly historic and a great success, bringing so many micronationalists together to exchange ideas and meet each other. We salute our fellow members of the micronational community and look forward to future PoliNation Conferences.

The President
Giving His Speech.

Niels Vermeersch.

Listening Intently.

The President, First Lady
and Queen Carolyn.

The Group Assembled.

Sogoln Yg Ygsca
and Will Soergel.

Stephen Hill And Billy Neil.

The Delegates
From Alcatraz.

The President With
Emperor George II
Of Atlantium.

Group Of Delegates.

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