25 June 2012 XXXV
Khamsin Molossia News

The latest initiative for our nation and citizens is the Outpost Molossia, the caravansary of our newly-formed Corps of Discovery. The Corps of Discovery combines adults and our existing Molossia Rangers as they explore our world. As the Corps of Discovery ventures forth, they establish Outpost Molossia as a base camp from which to travel. On 16 June 2012 XXXV the Corps of Discovery established Outpost Molossia at Grover's Hot Springs State Park, about 96 Imperial Nortons (96 km/59 mi) southeast of Molossia, in the mountains above Markleeville, California. The Outpost was set up in a pine-filled campground, on a hillside overlooking nearby Hot Springs Creek. For two days the Corps of Discovery explored the mountains and meadows of the beautiful alpine valley, as well as enjoying a refreshing dip in the hot springs themselves. On the third day the magnificent "Baugh Mahal" tent was struck and the Outpost disestablished, as the Corps of Discovery returned to Molossia. Mission accomplished, they look forward to future expeditions to far-flung locales.

Exploring Hot Springs Creek.

Around the Campfire.

The Baugh Mahal.

Outpost Molossia Sign.

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