4 June 2012 XXXV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 3 June 2012 XXXV, the Molossia Rangers embarked on their latest expedition, this time to the distant ghost town of Bodie, California. Bodie was founded as a gold mining town in 1859 in the Sierra Nevada mountains, near Bridgeport, California, about two hours drive southwest of the Molossian Home Territory. Mining peaked in the 1870's, then leveled out through the turn of the century, eventually tapering off after the First World War. By the 1930's the town was nearly empty and a disastrous fire destroyed many of the remaining buildings. What was left became a California State Park in the 1960's, maintained in a state of arrested decay.

The Rangers arrived in the early afternoon on a warm summer day. After lunch in the park picnic area, the Rangers set out to explore the old town. The century-old buildings are filled with artifacts left behind by the previous residents, in dusty rooms with peeling wallpaper. The Rangers explored from building to building, visiting the old Methodist Church, the school, the jail, the firehouse and many of the abandoned houses. After fours hours the Rangers ended their expedition and began the long voyage home. Thus ended the latest adventure of the Molossia Rangers, with more adventures to come!

Inside The Store.

The Methodist Church.

The School.

The Jail.

View Through A Window.

Town Overview.

The Stamp Mill.

The Rangers

Abandoned Truck.

The Rangers At
The Firehouse.

Old Bodie House.

The President and
First Lady At
The Bodie Sign.

The Rangers At
The Bodie Monument.

A View Down Green Street.

The Old Hotel.

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