21 May 2012 XXXV
Khamsin Molossia News

On 20 May 2012 XXXV an annular solar eclipse occurred over Molossia. This is the first eclipse of this type to appear over this area since 1930 and the last for the next 33 years. On the warm Sunday afternoon the First Family and friends gathered near the Tower of The Winds, armed with protective eclipse glasses and a camera shielded with an eclipse filter. The sky watchers also constructed a simple cardboard eclipse viewer, which shows the reflection of the eclipse through a pinhole. The event began at about 6:09 PM MST (5:30 PST), when the moon took its first bite out of the sun. As the eclipse began, large clouds obscured the sun and threatened to derail the viewing. There were frequent glimpses of the slowly disappearing sun for about a half hour until the clouds parted and the eclipse could be seen in all its glory. Finally, around 7:09 MST (6:30 PST) the moon covered nearly the entire sun, leaving only a bright circle in the sky, the "Ring of Fire". The Ring lasted but a few minutes and the sun then began its slow emergence. After two hours the eclipse was over, truly a spectacular show in the sky. Thus ended this annular eclipse, an amazing astronomical event and historic occasion for Molossia.

Eclipse Watchers.

The President And
First Lady
At The Ready.

Eclipse Viewer.

Eclipse Begins.

Almost gone.

Coming Back.

A Bite Out Of The Sun.

The Ring Of Fire.

Almost Over.

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