18 March 2012 XXXV

Khamsin Molossia News

New Citizens

His Excellency, The President is pleased to announce a new initiative and new chapter in Molossian citizenship. Effective 14 March 2012 XXXV, Molossian citizenship was extended to all family members, regardless of their residency in Molossia. Molossian citizenship has long been limited to actual residents of our nation, with the overarching consideration being that citizens must be people The President and First Lady actually know in person. This of course limits the possibilities for citizenship in our nation, but the relocation of First Son Mark Baugh and his bride Lyndsi to Belgium cannot negate their citizenship (that would be rude). Thus the idea was born to extend citizenship to all Molossian family members, regardless of residency. As a result, Molossia's population has exploded and we now have 27 citizens, located in North Carolina, Northern California, Southern California, Reno, Nevada and Belgium - and of course here in the Molossian Home Territory. One big happy family and nation!

Red Square Remodel

Much of our energies this winter and early spring have been spent on the grand remodel of Red Square. Red Square is located just to the north of Government House, near the northern frontier of our nation. Until recently it was a small patch of red gravel, home to the Molossia Post Office, Peace Pole, Trading Company and Water Tower. Late last year, The First Lady suggested that His Excellency, The President needed a dedicated office, outside Government House, a place to welcome official visitors and conduct the nation's business. The planning for this office quickly expanded to include other ideas and the Red Square Remodel Project was born. As noted in an earlier article, The President's Office was completed by the end of January. Immediately following that was the realignment of the Trading Company building and then the move and remodel of the Post Office. Several tons of dirt were added as fill to level the ground, bounded by a railroad tie wall, expanding the size of the Square threefold. Street lights were added in early March, as were fence panels to enhance the look of the square and steps up to the Square from Norton Park were added in mid-March. Future projects include the move and remodel of the Water Tower, the creation of a sign board for visitors to autograph and the construction of future buildings, such as the Bank of Molossia. This has been an exhausting and involved project, but the results are beginning to show, and by mid-April Red Square should be complete for all to enjoy!

Red Square, Almost Done!

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